Mystery Pack (print and sticker)

Mystery Pack (print and sticker)

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Mystery Pack containing:

1) one 4x6 inch print of a bts member (you can choose the member or have it a completely random) and a random bts sticker for only £4.99

Print may be glossy or satin, again this is random. Please do not specify or ask me to put in a particular print or give me a list of prints you want as it defeats the purpose of mystery packs and isn't fair for everyone else, thank you 🐤

If you have other prints in the same order or order multiple packs I'll try to avoid duplicate prints and pick something you don't have within the order but please understand that this isn't guaranteed and some are prepacked. 

Duplicates still make great gifts!


    *Please add international tracking if you can afford it! I am not liable for losses or delay for non tracked items!*