Missing Print Form 🐥

Request Missing Patreon Prints

This page is for current and previous patrons whose prints were lost in transit and unfortunately didn't arrive. Current patrons can let me know and i'll add replacement prints to their next batch of patreon stuff* but for ex patrons it can only work if you have an outstanding shop order so that shipping is already covered that way. 

*no need to order just put "current patron" in the order number section <3
Terms and Conditions 🥚🐣🐥
The limit is requesting 3 months worth of prints at once. You may request again in the future but please be honest and don't take advantage. They must be prints that didn't arrive, not prints you've received and damaged/misplaced etc.  It has to be at least 2 months since I posted the missing patreon print, at that point I'd consider it potentially lost and not just delayed and therefore viable for a replacement. I will be checking that you're eligible for the months you have requested, thank you.

Please note that I can't guarantee that I can add the sticker! this page is mainly for prints which I make and produce myself. Hope you can understand 🐤