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Contact + FAQs

My live chat in the corner of my site is the best way to contact me, please leave inquiries there first and I'll get back to you there the quickest. You can also leave me an email at if, this contact form doesn't work. Thank you

Frequently asked questions have been preanswered in the 'Nature of Inquiry + FAQs' drop down menu below! If your question hasn't been answered there preferably leave your question in live chat at the bottom of your screen or select 'something else? (fill out contact form)' in the drop down menu and I'll try to get back to you within 3 working days, thank you! 🐤

Hi, it normally takes me about 3-4 weeks to send your order if I've recently opened my shop since I get a lot of orders at once all due to be sent at the same time. In less busier times I can take about 1-2 weeks to send an order. Apologies for the wait in advance and I appreciate the patience as I'm only one person doing everything.

You'll receive an email notification to let you know when it's been dispatched (check your junk mail!) but please also check out my #agaeziupdates hashtag on twitter for general updates.

If your order has been sent, the only way I can know where your order is is if you added tracking before I sent it (or if your standard shipping cost, (£12 and above) is enough for me to automatically add tracking even without the add on) If you did not unfortunately it will arrive in any given time that's completely beyond my power. In a case where you have a non tracked order that hasn't arrived after a long time the best I can do is contact you if it arrives back to my PO Box and we can rearrange delivery. Please understand that they do not always get back to me so please consider paying for tracking if you can to avoid disappointment.If you paid for tracking or have any other inquires about the whereabouts of your order that isn't answered here, please continue with this form submission.

For international orders I strongly recommend adding tracking to your cart however this is entirely your choice as the customer. Standard non tracked shipping usually arrives safely but this is not guaranteed and I won't be able to compensate if anything happens to it.

I am not liable for the loss or delay of any international orders that are not tracked, I also cannot update you on it's whereabouts since it's completely out of my hands once I post it and tracking is the only way we can follow it in transit.International tracking can be found in the 'tracking' heading in the main menu bar.

The cost of tracking = the standard shipping price at checkout + the £6 tracked shipping add on.Standard shipping will usually be around £4 or £6 for smaller orders and in both cases you'll have to add tracking to your cart in order for it to be tracked.If at checkout your standard shipping cost is above £12, I should be able to automatically have the package tracked but anything less and it's your responsibility to as the customer to decide if you want to add tracking 🐤

Yes! I will normally do this automatically if I notice multiple orders to the same address. Two orders to the same address with standard shipping will usually be combined and turned to tracked unless I'm told not to. Non tracked orders can be combined with tracked orders so that the entire package is tracked. Once differences in the additional weight and value is accounted for I will refund whatever extra difference to you where necessary. I'll usually do this automatically but if you want to remind me or ask me not to you can continue on with this form :)

Yes, everyone is welcome to shop here as of May 30th 2023 ! IMPORTANT: Please be aware that customers in European Union countries may be subjected to import/sales tax fees for their order and they are entirely responsible for paying this.

Considering the nature of my products I don't expect it to be too much and since I have lots of discounts and sales here that I can't do on Etsy it'll be worth it :)These fees are unavoidable as a UK based artist, unfortunately. Previously, from July 2021, EU customers were only able to shop on my Etsy. I thought it would be more convenient for customers to pay any import fees upfront at checkout instead of potentially being surprised when later contacted at customs. However due to increasing platform fees, using Etsy works out to be alot more expensive for customers with less profit for me and occasionally they are still contacted by customs even after paying the fee upfront.

Yes, surprise fees can be an inconvenience but compared to etsy, is much more affordable to shop at in the end even with any fees!

You can usually still add tracking yourself as long as it hasn't been more than 4 days since your order. If it has please continue with submitting this form, if not please read below to add tracking yourself :)

Simply place a second order with just tracking in your basket (tracking can be found via the menu bar). I'll make sure your original order is tracked and you won't be charged for anything other than the tracking in your second order! It always best to add tracking if you can afford it since I am not liable for loss and delay with any untracked orders.

Unfortunately I do not cancel orders except in very exceptional circumstances so please be sure before you complete your order. I also don't do returns and refunds/replacements/compensation are only for tracked orders that have been lost or missing products in your order.

In some cases if it hasn't been more than a day or two since your order I can slightly adjust your order such as making partial refunds for items. Please be aware that changes to your order means that I'm more likely to make mistakes so I try to keep the changes minor to avoid mishaps. Feel free to request a change in your order below but it's likely I may have to reject it if its a lot of work/changes or too late. I hope you can understand!