Firstly, thank you so much for visiting this site and this page! I go by both Steph and Agaezi, either is fine and I'm an artist based in London trying to make a living off of my art. Essentially that's the dream and end goal, to be able to do what I love for a living and I'm so thankful to everyone who helps me make progress towards that in even the smallest ways!

I'm a big fan of kpop and as of now majority of my art available to purchase is bts related whether it be prints or pins or stickers or charms. You'll also see some non-fanart and I really hope that one day I get as much love for my non fanart stuff too as I'd love to make products with my own characters in the future! >_<

Please look forward to many new things from me! If I get enough support I plan to next move onto trying youtube and I'd love to show people part of my process :)

If you want to play an even bigger part in supporting me feel free to check out my patreon below, its the best means of support available to me as an artist since regular income is difficult to come by in this field! I'll often have exclusive discounted prints there first before appearing in my shop at full price after a month or two. Every new patron means the world to me irrespective of the tiers you may choose to join! So if you do pledge please know I appreciate it so much <3

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